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Use Wode


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Here are step by step how to use this new chip for Wii: the Wode.

You want to change your WII? look here:

A-Update chip.

_Rendez You on the manufacturer's website and download the latest firmware to date (here 2.0)
_Extraire And drop the file "update.bin" on an SD card.
_Insérez The SD card into the wode, and turn your wii.
_The Update starts automatically and takes about 5 minutes:


B - Description of menu 2.0


_Favorites: Favorite games, recently played
_Select Game: Select a device and a game
_Advanced: Advanced functions wode
_Settings: Wode settings (see Step C)
_about: Version information of the wode

Detailed description of the menu:

_Select Game: Choose a device and a game

Photo0316 This screen displays the list of devices connected to the wode. By ram 1 wode RO corresponds to the internal memory of the wode. No game is there. When a device is connected, the list will grow automatically.

_Advanced: Advanced functions wode

Photo0317 > Wii channel displays chains Wii
> Flat wode: launches the dvd's in the Wii
> Ripper allows you to save a game directly on usb drive to fat / ntfs / wbfs format.

Photo0318 You can register your game iso format to rewrite it, or wbfs format to play it from your usb drive.

Supporting Document >> English: Wode Ripping V2

_Settings: Wode settings
Photo0319 _ Game patching: remove protections games that do not engage (New Super Mario Bros)
_Wii Region: place your wii region to another.
Load _Auto: automatic boot
_display Title ID: Displays the name, path, ...
_Save: Save settings

C - Set wode (default settings)

At first, set the wode as follows:


Thereafter, when you are familiar with this chip, you can risk has advanced settings.

D - Install games on a USB drive

_Download Software WBFS Manager , then install.

_Download A backup Wii (see this tutorial )

_Branchez Your usb drive to your computer, run the software.

_Séléctionnez The letter your usb disk, and then click Format:

_A When done, click "Load Disc"

_Faites Slide your freshly downloaded ISO in the right part of the software:
a0013 Wait, the time that the software tests your iso.

_Ensuite, Click "Add to Player" to copy your game on the usb drive.

_Constatez The game been copied to your removable drive:


Everything is ok

E - Launch a game on your wode

1 - from a usb drive.
_ Plug your USB drive to the Wode.

_Allumez The Wii, then the wode menu, select "Select Game".

_Votre Usb disk will be named "WBFS" OK.

_To Finally, select your game, it starts automatically!

2 - from an original dvd / engraved.
_Insérez Your dvd.

_Ouvrez The "advanced" section, then select "flat wode."

_The Game starts automatically.

Good game :)

Tutorial corrected by Yacine

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To go further: Play New Super Mario Bros backup / check backups

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