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Update a linker DSi version 1.4.2


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As you may know already, a new update for the portable Nintendo consoles, the DSi blocks linker. All except CycloDS iEvolution. However, the team behind the R4 and M3 others set to work, and provides an update to the linker. We'll have to reflash it.

FYI, setting a 1.4.2 update brings strictly nothing, except that it blocks linkers, so if you can do without .... made it.

For those who like to be at the forefront of technology nintentoienne, wait a bit. The update of the linker can be done on a DSi 1.4.2. It is therefore in order, update the linker, then after the DSi.

_A NDS - or - DSi version 1.4.1 max
_ Your battery needs to be loaded, or the DS plugged in
_the update your linker

1.4.2 compatible linkers:
- R4i Gold
- R4iDSN
- CycloDS iEvolution (no update)

Linkers blocked:
- Acekard 2i
- IEdge
- R4i SDHC
- New Acekard 2i
- Amazekard
- EX4i
- M3i Zero
- ISmart MM
- EZ Flash Vi
- IPlayer


1. Unzip the update. There are 2 files, if you want to flash the linker with NDS must take the file. NDSL and as you can imagine the file. NDSi for flasher with a DSi.

2. Place this file on your micro SD card as a game

3. Turn on your DS and run the file update.

4. Now you just follow the instructions provided by the software.

Info: starting the flash, the program checks that the game cartridge is in place, check if the card you return the error "fail" do not turn off your console, eject and reinsert your linker. Finally, press A.

Make 5. Henceforth update your DSi (via wifi for example)

The list >> linkers updated and will be completed as a measure of the release of updates.

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