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Use the R-Sim II to unlock the iPhone 4S (iOS 5.0.1)


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After the R-sim I, too leaves its binding site R-sim II. It always unlocks ios 5.0.1 iphone 4S, but its operation has been greatly simplified (no need to dial 112 for example). Rather than complicate a tutorial that is already well enough, here is a new, dedicated to the operation of the R-sim II.

For those who do not know the principle, it is as thin as a sheet of paper containing an electronic component sim card. The latter is to be inserted in your iphone together with your current sim card. R-Sim 2 horn your iphone and it was subsequently agreed that any sim card from any operator.

Small flat, short manipulation (described below) is a remake after each extinction phone.

COMPATIBLE BASEBAND: 1.0.11 , 1.0.13, 1.0.14

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_Iphone 4S and micro sim
_A Copy of the R-Sim II
_L'outil To remove the sim card from the phone, or a trombone


Info: this is not essential, but it is best to remove the pin code of the SIM card to use.

1. Insert the SIM card to use in the iphone still on, then turn it off.

2. Eject the same sim card, then prepare your Sim card + R-Sim, insert everything in the iphone.

3. Turn on the camera.

4. Open settings (if iphone has just been turned on, it may be that the tab "phone" is grayed out. In this case wait a few seconds). Appointment in> Phone> Sim Application.

5 Select "country & operators.":

. 6 On the next screen select the network in which your iphone is locked:

Then 7 Touch the small arrow to return to the previous page.:

8. Upon returning to the main menu of R-sim, press the Home button to exit the settings and wait for one to two minutes.

9. Your sim should be properly recognized, the new network is available.

Problem: iphone ask me activation of my sim card ...

Sometimes iphone bug when you select your operator. It locks and returns to "factory outlet" mode, it asks you to activate your sim card. which of course, is impossible ...
To work around this problem, you must first (to do after turning on the phone):

1. Open the Recorder application, then start a record a voice memo:

2. Press the home button to return to the main menu, you can see that the voice recorder continues to run:

3. Insert the sim card sim + r-II, when the activation screen appears, the dictaphone continues to operate. Then click on the status bar iphone:

4. You return to present a Voice Memos. Do not turn off the recording, and simply press Home to return to the main menu.

5. Repeat the procedure with désimlockage R-sim II.


Q: Edit code? what is it?
A: edit code, when activated, allows you to add new countries to the list and therefore new operators. The list of countries is available HERE .

Q: My phone is off, I have to redo everything?
A: Yes, everything is a repeat from step 1.

Q: I am the tutorial, but impossible to sim function. What to do?
A: It may be that your sim card is too old / not compatible. Have it replaced.

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