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Check the compatibility of a 360 with the JTAG hack.

Hello you. Today Tuto4You offers a program created by one of its members. This utility is designed to verify the compatibility of your Xbox 360 with the latest technical hack: the fault JTAG.

Info: Learn to recognize the version of its 360 motherboard at first glance:
Just take a look at the power plug from your 360, and compare with the picture below; not even need to open your box!


info: Recognising its kernel version:
_ Start your xbox

_ Go to the System Settings menu, then Console Settings, and finally go completely down on Information System.

_Puis Locate the version of your kernel:

jtag-kernel This console is not compatible with the jtag hack, the version is 8955.

An Xbox 360 with a maximum kernel 7371 and manufactured before June 2009 is compatible, since the bootloader has been changed and prevents the JTAG hack even if you have a kernel below the update of 11 August 2009. To identify your kernel look here . Any kernel greater than 7371 you close the door on this hack, no solution exists for the moment against this, and so can not downgrade ....

Want to install the JTAG on your xbox? look here:

Following this tutorial is OPTIONAL:

Download CB EASY TEST 1.1 (by C.DESPRES)

For more details on your nand and know your "CB" (Advanced)
Method A: Test from the 360

_soudez your LPT or USB cable to the motherboard of your 360 as shown in this plan:
(The resistors used are 220 ohms)

_Installez The driver "port95nt" in the folder "nandpro" of the archive if necessary.

_Puis Run the "Easy CB TEST 1.1".

_Enfin, Follow the information displayed on the screen.

Method B: Test a file from a NAND (type orig.bin)

This implies that you have already checked the completeness of your nand 360.
So copy your extracted file in the directory of CB EASY TEST

_Exécutez Then "Easy CB TEST 1.1".

_Puis The second question, when you are asked what type of connection you use: Please answer by entering the filename of your nand:


_Enfin, Follow the information displayed on the screen.

Following the installation of JTAG hack:
If your xbox is compatible with this fault (see photo below), you can continue the installation with the help of this article on gxmod , or having it built here .


Article license:
Creative Commons License

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This tutorial has more?

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