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Create your own iPhone app!


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Good morning.

We will in this tutorial, learn how to use the Sentenza application. This application is designed to help you create your own iPhone web-application without writing a single line of code to compile for your IPA. You do not need to license Apple developer, or the SDK (software development kit) not. In its free version is limited Sentenza the name that you can give your IPA, as well as the creator's name. It will cost you € 15 for the full version.

You will therefore be able to create web applications that is to say, an application in html format. Supported by the Sentenza HTML is very recent. So you can use the CSS files, images (PNG, JPG, GIF ...), media Quicktime, JavaScript, ...

_ An iphone / ipod touch jailbroken 3.0 (mini)
_ A Windows PC
_ Sentenza available here:
Mirror >> multiupload .

Installation on 64bit system
The program has a small bug when compiling if you use a 64bit version of Windows.

tenz6 To address this concern, open "C: \ Program Files (x86)" and copy "Sentenza" directory. Then paste this directory "C: \ Program Files".

Description of the software:

a_ Change the name of your application, enter the name of the designer in its full version.
Photo b_ displayed while charging your future application: resolution 320 × 480 pixels.
c_ your application icon on the springboard: resolution 57 × 57 pixels.
d_ HD icon your app: resolution 512 × 512 pixels.
e_ Link to your web icon with resolution 57 × 57.
f_ directory on your computer containing your html files (and others). The content of the application.
g_ Option behavior of the status bar of your iPhone while the application is launched.
h_ Start compiling your app.
i_ report window informing you about the progress of operations
j_ Changes the id of your app, if it has trouble is when you update the test on iphone.
k_ Open the folder containing your IPA after compilation.


Run Sentenza and fill wholes required fields.

_ 1 Start the Splash screen (see "b" above):

_ 2 57 Next icon (see "c" above):

3 512 _ Then the icon (see "d" above):

_ 4 Select the location of your file that will apply. (See "f" above):
The page load first must be named "index.html".

Info: create a folder, inside create a text file and rename it to index.html.
Attention: it is possible that the extensions of your files are hidden (or does not appear the "iso." "dvd."). Solution: Open a window of windows explorer, click (vista / seven press ALT so that the options bar appears) "> Folder Options> View> tool" and uncheck "hide extensions whose type is known."
to start, copy this piece of simple code in your index.html to your test, and save:

<head> </ head>

<p> test </ p>
</ Body>

To you create your html code depending on what you want your application to do. If you are new to code, I ADVISED TO turn to the "software namo webeditor (version full) "

Your Sentenza >> window should then look like this:

5 _ Finally, click "Start the operation ..."
A window opens with several Actions, start by "checking your project" (x), then, if everything is ok (y), click on "Start Operation" (z).
6 _ To recover your compiled the IPA file format, click "Open folder to export" (see "k" above):

7 _ Using DiskAid and Installous, copy, and then install your application on your iPhone (see tutorial 1st step after the jailbreak ):

>>> If you want to test the implementation Tuto4you: iTuto4you.ipa

Voila, you have studios ;)

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