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Login Administrator on any Windows PC or Mac without password


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After long holiday season a little too watered, it is quite normal to forget the password for your computer ... And there is nothing more infuriating. In addition to crack any password windows and mac, the other utility of this app, and to obtain full control of a machine (administrator), for example to install software on your PC desktop . I then present you Kon-Boot software to install on USB key that allows you to override the request password when starting your computer. The software is compatible to both Mac and PC, and here's how to use it. (For those who follow the news of Tuto4you, it is one of our old tutorial which is reconditioned ;) )

Info: I could not test the Windows version of the software.

_ A PC equipped with Windows (XP/7/8/server) or Mac OS
_ A usb key
_ The software Kon-Boot (fee required)
>>> Version 2.0 "free" for windows


1. Upload your version of Kon Boot.

2. Connect USB key to your computer.

3. Then Run "USB_INSTALL.vbs." A message appears, your USB flash drive must be detected. Confirm the installation (this one will NOT be formatted).

kon boot-1

4. Then connect the USB key on the PC you want to access, and then start it. During the boot phase, start on the USB key.
On pc which 4-5 years in general must hammer the F8 as soon as you press the power button button. On older pc, go hack the boot sequence in the BIOS options.

kon-boot 3

. If the USB key is detected, you will need 5 press the "Enter" key to this screen to move to the next step:

kon boot-2

6. Kon Boot logo will be displayed for a short time, then the PC will continue to process conventional start.

kon boot-4

Arrived 7. Was the selection of the user, no password will be requested and you will be automatically logged in Grand Administrator.
Info: if, however, the machine asks for a password, enter anything and it will work!

Happy New Year ;)

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