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A marketing operation is in progress on xbox live Japanese. To support the launch of Monster Hunter, the editor provides a xbox live gold code 48H. The demo of this game gives you a free activation code gamertag, provided that it has been registered with a Gmail email address. You can repeat this trick indefinitely, and thus obtain MANY codes.

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_ Xbox 360 with Internet access


1 Start your xbox 360, then open Settings. "System Settings> Console Settings> Language, and Region." Select "Japanese"

2. Restart the console.

3. Next, create a new profile, then "Join xbox live." The console asks you a series of information. When entering your email address, type in a kind of "" This email address does not need to be valid, but must be of the form ""

4. The xbox When you request a mail backup, press the X button to ignore the issue.

5. There you are on xbox live Jap. And we do not understand it ...

6. Must now download the demo of the game "Monster Hunter Frontier", in Japanese it is written "モンスターハンターフロンティア," so we will have to search for this title in the list of demos ... For this stage there is no trick miracle, you need to find yourself the title in the library of xbox live.

Here is a cover of the game to help you:

All 7. While connected to your new profile, run this demo. Then confirm the message by clicking on the red headband.

8. On the next screen, a message appears telling you two codes. Only the first is important, it is your code xbox live gold free 48 hours. Rate it then.

9. Quit the game, and then iron your console in French. 48H The code can be used on any profile, so enjoy :)

Video Demo:

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