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Downgrade or restore / 3Gs iPhone 4 to any version of iOS


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Apple is binding ... Can not install on its iPhone has a setting earlier day the latest, only the latest version of IOS software is tolerated by itunes. Which is a shame because this version is not jailbreak. So we have to play out of their way to accomplish this feat what the downgrade. Little info on Sn0wbreez software is compatible with all version 4.XX 5.XX and soon 6.XX
Here is how:

When to use this tutorial:
_You Had full jailbreak on ios5. Then you did the last iOS6 update, and finally, you want to retrace your steps.
_Essayer To unbrick an iPhone (it will be essential to install iOS4.1)
_Other ..?
_Tutoriel Incompatible with the iphone 4s, 5, and ipad 2,3,4.

_A ALREADY jailbroken iphone
_The Software Tiny Umberella - [ Direct Link ]
_The Software Snowbreez (bottom of page)
_L ' ios refer to your iphone

A. Get a file on your iphone.
B. Generate update file has own day your iphone with the help of the recovered "A" file.
C. Force itunes to install this update.



A. Recover "SHSH blob" of your iphone.

1 Run cydia on your iphone, there is a line at the top of the software tells you what version you can downgrade your device:

2 Once this determination is made, follow this tutorial to get your "ShSh Blob" tutorial

HELP: I do not have my SHSH Blog, and have no way to recover it (if bricked iPhone for example) = use the ios 4.1. There is no check SHSH on this release.


B. Generate a custom firmware with Sn0wbreez

3 Start then sn0wbreez software, validate the greeting and click the "Browse for IPSW year" button


4 Then select "iFaith mode":

5 The software then asks you SHSH file extracted previously, then click the "Browse" button and select the corresponding SHSH 5.0.1 has (or the version you want to downgrade). The files are located in "C: \ Users YOUR-SESSION-Windows \ \ .shsh"

6 On the next screen click "Build IPSW" and wait time to create your custom ipsw ...

Info: The "Genral" option allows Hacktiver iPhone, in case you do not have sim card on hand.
Info ²: Unlocks The option to only install the 3GS baseband to the iPad for a desimlockage.

7 Once completed, the software prompts you to spend your iphone in Pwned DFU mode. This is the classic DFU mode which is added a small option, allowing it to accept the restoration from itunes without fuss.
Help to enter DFU just HERE !

Info: This option is available via the "iReb" Snowbreez the software tab, if you wish to just repeat this step.

8 When your iPhone in DFU mode is detected, the software will automatically start the next phase, which looks like this:


C. Force installing your CFW.

(Steps 9 and 10 optional, has done only if the restore fails)

9 Start Tiny Umbrella again and go to the tab "advanced," set the software as follows then quit.

10 Re run tiny umbrella and click on "Start TSS Server" button

11 Connect your iPhone to your computer if it is not already, then start iTunes. Hold down the "shift" key, and then click the "Restore" button:

12 A window opens, give itunes has the IPSW file you just created. This file is in principle the same directory qu'iFaith. If all goes well itunes should not flinch and the update will take place as usual. So you can continue your odyssey to jailbreak with this tutorial .

Info: if manipulation 'fails, you can iron Pwned DFU Vorte iDevice via iReb software, available HERE .

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