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[Review]: USB Cable for iPhone Lightning unofficial 5-14 euros


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Our partner, iPhone-REPAIR sent us a sample unofficial USB cable for iPhone 5 Lightning These new cables provided by Apple contain an identification chip, allowing Apple to ensure the use of official cables and authentic. Fortunately for us, this protection was hacked, and soon we will find copies of the said cable on the market. Our partner is one of the first company in France to market this product.

Pre-order the iPhone USB cable 13 € 99 in Iphone-REPAIR

Our opinion:
In short, because there is not much to say: The only advantage of this cable is its price. € 13 99 (apple cord sell € 20, excluding postage). For technical / finish side, the product is very close to the official cable, the transfer speeds / charge are substantially the same as those obtained with the official cable! In short, nothing wrong!

Free shipping for iPhone-REPAIR:
For now pre-order, this cable will be shipped by November 12, 2012.
Our partner wanted to speak on this subject:

Not to take Apple elitist politics, we decided to give you a gift for ALL accompany the arrival of the cord mini price. If the counter of the Facebook page of our company reaches or exceeds 300 "likes" by November 12, we will provide on this page a discount code for the purchase and shipment of the cable without paying shipping costs.


As you guessed, it is up to you to divulging the most of this information, especially the Facebook page to get a discount on the lightning cable.

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