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Auto completition of captchas Jdownloader!


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Good morning.

Nothing more unbearable than staying glued to his PC all day to download a file cut into tiny parts. A solution? Here, using a simple software whose purpose is to return the number of captchas (remember the captcha are images containing text that you copy) all of a sudden wanted to then, the recognition Jdownloader automatically.

Consider an example:

We have five links in Jdownloader, not yet started. We just have to go first five captchas in the program and start downloading. And voila! Nothing more simple.

The program in question is called "Captcha Brotherhood".

Note: This software must be used with Jdownloader.



Captcha Brotherhood and both available following the tutorial.


Preparations Jdownloader:

Put in captchas Captcha Brotherhood
Now, as explained above, we will enter the captchas in the software.
  • Get Captcha Brotherhood here , extract it (WinRAR is advised), and start the installation.
  • Then click "Next" several times until the installation this place alone, and then close the program.
Software installed and prepared, we can start.
  • Go to this website to register. Click "Sign in" and complete the registration form.
  • After this step, run Captcha Brotherhood, and log in with your account. You can also choose between the Turkish and English.
  • Start the process by pressing "Start".
  • Now captchas should look like this:

  • It'll just count the number of captcha (s) that you need according to your link (s) (s), and start your (s) downloading (s) on Jdownloader!
Finally, the tutorial ends, and thank you for your reading!

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