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Play music from your iPhone on your computer speakers via Wifi (AirPlay)


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I am an aficionado of mobile devices in the late Steve Jobs for some years. However, my domestic installation has never allowed me to try AirPlay. As a reminder, this "option" is sometimes fitted on some speakers or stereo channels kits; this allows your iPhone to stream music via wifi (wireless so!). As you guessed, my speaker kit does not have this feature. But it is possible to emulate the system via PC software. The sound of your iPhone is sent streaming to your PC, which in turn redirects to your speakers. Revolution!

_ Shairport4w
_ IPhone / iPod / iPad iOS 5.0 or later
_ PC with Windows


1 Download and unzip Shairport4w on your PC, in a directory or it will be saved (like: C: \ program files \).

2. Run this software, then for convenience rename the AirPlay device name will be displayed on your iDevice.

3. Also check all three boxes if you want the software runs automatically start the computer.

4. On your iPhone or other, listen to music, then tap the icon at the bottom right.

5 then your computer. Choose the music you listen to should be read and heard on the speakers!

Enjoy :)

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